Menan Circle Sphere

Hey everyone, it’s the return πŸ™‚ Today i’m going to talk one big concept of Noel Sphere that we see during Christmas.

Indeed it is about the principle of reflection to apply on the sphere in order to bring out shiny aspect to the sphere and what is brilliant is necessarily magic, in our society. So I realized these two visuals in a red and black color for the colors that evoke this magical holiday.

In fact for me these colors evoke me especially Japan by its predominance of red and white. As if I had realized a modern flag of Japan.




To return to the pure work she can also evoke a very fluid reflexive material like a slim metal.

Red is one of the most sensual colors with an almost insolent simplicity. And it is by the insolence of her appearance that a woman is often considered attractive.

Whence this association of the red and the woman, this sensuality has no other like it.



This reflection system always fascinated me as an artist. The reflection is the copy of the original, so it always sounds like version 2. For me this concept of inferiority of one compared to the other is not right.
Indeed the reflection can take several forms as demonstrated above. We note that if the spherical reflection was not there the image would be inert. the principle of a still life will tell me. For me, this concept of pure still life is defacto outdated today in the age of the internet is based on activity and not passivity.

Thus to sum up a perfect work is a work, which by simple systems (like the reflexivity), is inscribed in a line putting forward an entity in movement in a passive world.

So we reach the end of the article, I hope that as always this one will have more. I notice that you are more and more numerous to read me. Thank you to you it is thanks to you that I continue my art. A world apart from today, a world where everything is art, is possible and we will get there. Thanks again πŸ™‚

The next article will deal with a ring called White B, where it will look like Christmas. Madame’s perfect ring for successful holidays. I announce the release of a project for Christmas. Stay connected it will soon be.

Rediged by Ju


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