Red Sangre

Hey everyone, as i promised in my previous article, i come back for a red article. This time the main theme will be the dark red blood. By his property the red is a subtle color.

To me it’s my favorite art color followed by navy blue. It’s the type of element you just have to put on a work of art for learn on a new way of seeing things.



In fact a lot of people (even me), when they saw an abstract picture come to see the author and ask him on the nature of the representation. In most of the cases artist invented to pleasing to his clients, but the reality with abstract is also the reflexion of artist mind.

Now you tell yourself, when you saw that dark red, “ok that want to say this guy is a psycho with his red blood”. I answer to you, and advice to the other, we are all the psycho of someone. The real artist does not make art to please but he does it to express himself.





The spherification of a color give an universal dimension. Indeed this smooth all color even fluorescent color. Contrary to the cube the sphere with his smooth can define a color to the real beauty she deserve.

The cube is on that picture the way to give a somewhat serious air. Like to the museum an object is often better on a surface. If only for the viewer this shows that there has been a minimum of preparation for the presentation of the work. So when the completed work is ready to be revealed, the artist of the picture needs only a wall. This amount to a triple work for the artist: to realize the object, to present it (to put it in classy form) and to take the shots at the right angles (so as to bring out the beauty of the work at best).





We arrive at the end of the article. As shown in the previous pictures the color brings appearance to the object and the object brings life to the color. This brings me back to think the fact is: an expression, whatever it may be, gives life to the living. Or to say otherwise: it is the pictures that is the expression of the artist which gives life to this one.

Indeed, since I embarked on my artistic development. This allowed to me, a very shy guy, to open up and reveal what was at the deep of my inspiration. At this moment a new artistic world, other than that of appearance, opens up to me. The writing world. Certainly the image in itself is supposed to be the reflection of the author, however I would like to remember my first inspiration. The memory fades away the words remain. So despite our mortal condition, I try to transcend by sharing you the essence of my mind and the fruit of my reflection. I hope this article as well as the visual will have pleased you. Do not hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

Go to the next article, this one will put a ring I imagined a month ago. Indeed as an object of luxury this one has its word to say and its message to make past. In the future I will also write other articles about rings I created. Many inspirations and emotions will be present just for you and your memories (or future memories).

Rediged by Ju




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