Naranja Ring

Hello everyone, I hope you will be fine. I’m getting very good news. You already know for those who read my previous article “red sangre”. I’m going to tell you about a ring I created 1 month ago. It is a luxury ring named Naranja. In Spanish it means orange.

I decided, in addition to my many abstract creations, to launch myself in the creation of these objects of great monetary values but especially of great emotional values. In fact, the rings are the physical demonstration of a seal that has been sealed with another or even. Here, seeing this seal as the one I seal with you my readers to thank you for follow me in this art adventure.




The red stone is beautiful that tell you. As you probably guess I called this naranja ring because as its translation demonstrates well there is an orange predominance. And why in Spanish simply because in Spain it is beautiful and warm as suggested by this color.

With this ring I try to leave the too basic cliché of gold and silver associated with the classic rubies, sapphire, emerald and diamond. I am exploring the beauty of orange amber here. Combined with the ruby red the heat is there. Wear in summer this one and a treat for ladies.



The beauty of a ring is to be able as my graphic works to discover a work under all the senses. Indeed there is not just a way to wear a ring, this one is also in collar. And as we, depending on its positioning, it reveals a news that we did not know at first.
Here the creative tool I use allows me to take pictures of the ring from the inside. To speak vulgarly of inner beauty.

Hoping to have you wake up another facet of my art. I will be posting two new articles in two days, including one from another ring I made two weeks ago. If the creation time is slow it is because I put all my energies to make you works and articles of the best quality that it is.

I tell you very soon pending from here subscriber you to be informed of the releases of articles, and if not take care of you. Thank you for reading me.

Rediged by Ju


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