Blue for White


Hello all ! That’s my first article ! I create this blog to share with you my abstract art. On Abstra i begin with you an adventure. The art adventure if i can said 🙂

My first article will talk about two simple colour who can become very complex and classy . The simplicity of white with the luxury blue give us the beauty that we need to stay who we are.


Blue mar1I realized this visual for think about an atomic art who give a big choice of combination of colour. Why blue ? Because like the black it’s the perfect colour which bring nobility to the object. When the anti-gravity system will be invented it may the perfect object to put at the home of a big museum, like Foucault Pendulum in Musee des Arts et Métiers in Paris.

Blue mar2


Blue mar3The perspective system allow to be the master of space for the artists. Now the spectator doesn’t have to imagine how could be the object in different position. Even if the imagination is the based of abstraction we can evolve toward the aspect real of our 4 dimensions beauty’s world.

Blue mar5

Blue mar6

Blue mar7

As we saw the meaning of the picture can completely change. We can say each picture is a powerful work of art with a big blue/white/ black theme which is largely use by the most big artist/stylist of the world.

The inspiration of the planet is evident. And as the world as learn to us the beauty of that world is the fact all visual can be changed. The factor of this gift of nature to us , living entity, are brain and nature. The brain in art and in all the other domain of our life his the esssential tools to recreate our imagination for real. It’s like a god creation. The power of the spirit on the material.

That circle around the circle is a picture of the interdependence of the humans to the other, even if we are powerful we depend of that two factor. Black and white, moral, which is the basement of the search of the artist who see on each things of his art the way to understand and to show that fatality.

Blue mar4

In short i hope you enjoy your visit in a part of my art world creations. We soon find ourselves on the subtle theme of red, RedSangre as i like to said.

Rediged by Ju


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